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CPT - Cognitive Performance Test
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CPT - Cognitive Performance Test CPT - Cognitive Performance Test CPT - Cognitive Performance Test
CPT - Cognitive Performance Test CPT - Cognitive Performance Test

CPT - Cognitive Performance Test

Model #: H718370000

UPC #: 742645014195

List Price: $617.20

Research instrument for baseline and serial measurements of occupational performance


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The CPT is a standardized performance-based assessment initially developed as a research instrument for baseline and serial measurements of occupational performance.

Common daily activities are used to measure working memory and executive control function that underlie occupational performance and behavior. The CPT is used to explain and predict the client's capacity to function in various contexts and to guide intervention plans, as well as to measure and track the severity of a cognitive-functional disability such as with Alzheimer's disease.


  • Can be used with a variety of diagnostic groups
  • Predicts the client's capacity and needs in Instrumental and Basic Activities of Daily Living
  • Tracks changes over time (stability vs. decline or improved function)
  • Consists of seven sub-tasks for which the information processing requirements are systematically varied to assess ordinal levels
    • Sub-task props vary in complexity and include distracter props for the measurement technique
    • Components for sub-tasks Medbox, Shop, Wash, and Toast (except for the cash and toaster) are included
    • Sub-tasks Phone, Dress, and Travel are location specific with instructions for props and set-up included in the manual
  • CPT empirical evidence and psychometric properties from NIA longitudinal studies are included in the manual

© Copyright Theressa Burns, 1986

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18" x 14" x 13"

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