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Have you got an idea or invention that you believe has the potential to become a useful, marketable product in the home healthcare or rehabilitation industry? Do you have ideas for new SP Ableware products? Or, just tell us how you solved a particular problem that a client, friend or loved one was experiencing.


  • The home healthcare and rehabilitation markets continue to grow every year

  • SP Ableware has been a successful U.S. manufacturer in these markets for almost 40 years

  • Our SP Ableware - Maddak products are recognized and respected by durable medical equipment providers (DMEs), home medical equipment providers (HMEs), ,medical and hospital supply centers, pharmacies, homecare centers and internet outlets worldwide for their quality, convenience and reliability

  • Your invention could be one of the new products introduced in the next SP Ableware catalog


We are always interested in evaluating new products and ideas, especially those designed for the home healthcare and rehabilitation industries. The channels and markets we service are global. SP Ableware - Maddak has a history of collaborating with inventors in bringing their new, innovative ideas successfully to market.


In fact, many of the products in our SP Ableware catalog started out just that way. The Leg Wrap – Positioning Aid (catalog # 70418-0000) is an example where Maddak worked together with a Senior Occupational Therapy Aide, Paula Bennett, utilized her prototype, further developed the product and brought it to market. Paula now receives royalties for every Leg Wrap sold.


If you:

  • Believe that your idea or invention would benefit the home healthcare or rehabilitation market

  • Believe that your idea or invention would be marketable to DMEs, HMEs, and other providers of home healthcare or rehabilitation products worldwide

  • Have an interest in collaborating with experienced design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing professionals

  • Or, would simply like to offer suggestions and improvements to our products

then, contact us at or call 1-800-443-4926 and we will instruct you on how to forward your information to us. Naturally, the more information you share with us, the easier it will be for our New Product Development Team to evaluate the potential of your idea or invention.


Please use the area below to provide a few general statements about your idea or invention. Include things like end user market and why you feel your product would be useful in the home healthcare or rehabilitation communities. Is this a new product or an improvement over an existing product? You may want to list the features and benefits that your product would afford end users. When your information has been received and reviewed, we will contact you.











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