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Ergo Plate - Blue
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Ergo Plate - Blue

Model #: F745330000

UPC #: 742645011494

List Price: $23.65

Ergonomic plate with high sides and wide rims


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Plate has a sloped base, high sides and wide rim. The sides and rim can be used to push food onto the fork or spoon and prevent spillage. The sloped base forces liquids and small particle foods to collect in one spot making it easier to scoop up. Made from durable polycarbonate with a textured surface; it is scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable. 9 3/4" (24.8 cm) diameter. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Warranty: 12 months parts and labor. Click here to get the full warranty and warranty card.

Model Product Name Price
F745330000 Ergo Plate - Blue $23.65
F745330001 Ergo Plate - White $23.45
F745330010 Ergo Plate and Mug Set - Blue $41.80
F745330011 Ergo Plate and Mug Set - White $41.80
F745740000 Ergo Mug - Blue $20.40
F745740001 Ergo Mug, Clear $20.40
F745740002 Ergo Lid $10.50
Closed-Cell Foam Tubing - Assorted Color

Closed-Cell Foam Tubing - Assorted Color

Rotating One Hand Button Aid and Zipper Pull

Rotating One Hand Button Aid and Zipper Pull

Hand-to-Hand Mug

Hand-to-Hand Mug

Maddadapt™  UBend-It  Fork

Maddadapt™ UBend-It Fork

Inner-Lip Plate - Plastic, Light Blue

Inner-Lip Plate - Plastic, Light Blue